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9 April

Responsible Tourism - Keep the Trails and Picnic Spot Clean

The trails in the hills around Kathmandu valley and Picnic spots are littered with plastics, beer bottles and food wastes. Our ansestors were not as sophisticated as we were but they did not contaminate the nature the way our generation does. Keeping environment is important to keep the local culture and nature intact. Knowledge is shared but the intention lacks among the younger educated folks.

Everyone loves to party and go on a picnic retreat in nature, specifically hilltops but we are not leaving those places the way nature should be kept. All the hillstations around Kathmandu valley has become an easy dump grounds and youths and adults are responsible.

The value of education is to elevate the awareness but somehow this element seems missing in Nepali people. Students are also contributing as they too are seen throwing Chips and candy covers as soon as the treats they enjoy is finished. Nature does not have place for such dirts that are biodegradable and the best way to keep it clean is simply not throw or add anything to it.

Through our Company, we organize yearly trips to School Kids for a day hike complemented by cleaning activity. We have a social figure talk aboout keeping the nature clean to the kids. Kids are the biggest force of the society and thier awareness from very beginning is key to make them a responsible grown ups. And that is responsible tourism. We want to support the tourism ecosystem and the local community without leaving unwanted unnatural things.

Teach the kids at home and at school to keep the surroundings and nature clean and pick up whats left by others to keep the trails and nature clean.